Invasive Species

New token based on the new exhibitions of Matt Furie

CA: 0x529693Da773D8eEb937BCD27337D100d6Bc2C10B

what is Invasive Species?

Join the $SPECIES Movement: Redefining Crypto with Invasive Species!

Investing in $SPECIES means actively participating in the fight against invasive species. We support eradication projects, restoration efforts, and educational initiatives. Our transparent approach ensures that every investor has a say in project selection, fostering a strong and engaged community.

At Invasive Species, we believe that the preservation of biodiversity is crucial. Our intuitive platform keeps you informed about ongoing conservation projects, tracks the impact of your investments, and enables connections with fellow enthusiasts. Together, we can restore balance to ecosystems and protect the diversity of life on Earth.


total Supplies

1,000,000,000,000 $SPECIES


1% for BUY/SELL

smart contract

burned & renounced